Srinivasan Purighalla

I am a board certified Neurosurgeon. I specialize in Brain and spine related conditions. I treat patients with brain tumors, movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, Essential Tremor .  I treat patient’s with neck and back pain and also problems related to peripheral nerves like carpal Tunnel syndrome, Ulnar Nerve Compression etc.. Also treat patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus.

Programs + Specialties



PNSI, Neurosurgery, Moline, IL

Medical School

RMC, AP, India


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, NewHampshire

Board Certifications

 Nov 30, 2009


English, Hindi, Telugu                  


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Name:                                                 Srinivasan Purighalla

Speciality                                              NEUROSURGERY

Degree M.D. 

Licensed in: IA, IL, WI

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