Bringing affordability and accessibility to healthcare

In this changing healthcare landscape with increasing premiums and deductibles, and ever decreasing coverage and benefits, it’s prudent to take control of your health. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and wellness is cheaper than illness.

Our Mission is to place “YOUR HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS”

Vision is to provide an outstanding, quality healthcare platform with focus on affordability, accessibility, convenience and transparency .

This website is created to help customers with different healthcare needs.

  • People with higher premiums and deductibles,
  • Individuals that have minimal or no coverage for  their health care needs,
  • Students that are outside of their parents healthcare coverage but still don’t have their own health care coverage, or may have one that’s very expensive and does not cover all their healthcare needs, 
  • Visitors to US from foreign countries that have healthcare issues and their policies may not cover all their healthcare needs including blood tests and imaging and doctor visits. 
  • People that need a blood test or an imaging study or a procedure that is too expensive or not covered or only partially covered by their existing insurance, and looking for financial options.
  • GoEmed  may be able to help provide them with options to help meet their healthcare needs.
Experienced Physicians

Your health is your most important asset. You should entrust it only to the best professionals.

Personalized Treatment

Treatment choices perfectly match your goals of treatment complications with early intervention.

Quality and Safety

All team members at Medical Center have been trained thoroughly to assist in any situation.

Immediate Service

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.


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Freedom of choice and convenience

Key challenges that we face in our healthcare system  today are

  • Spiraling insurance costs with high premiums and  higher deductibles
  • Increasing costs of blood tests, imaging and prescriptions 
  • No transparency, no visibility
  • Increased wait and wasted time for doctor’s office  visits
  • Long and complicated insurance process
  • Increasing Uninsured population

Our Solutions

Our platform  focuses on providing services to you by  leveraging on opportunities through technology. We strive  to deliver the right care at the right time for the right price. We have: 

  • made  accessing  your medical records like immunizations, labs, and imaging easy with our user-friendly 1-2-3 step upload, view, and share services. 
  • low cost and affordable lab testing , imaging, and medications services at  a well-negotiated price.
  • online doctor consultations for diagnosis and prescriptions helping you cut costs and wasted time.  Our personalized telemedicine portal also gives better access to choose doctors from our panel. 
  • affordable insurance and other care credit options tailored to your needs.

We can also help with doctor appointments, reminders, help schedule labs, imaging, and prescriptions, etc. with our concierge services.

Quality and Security

Choosing the right doctor could be a major decision to make when you are on your healthcare journey.  All our physicians and surgeons are board- certified who can provide the right kind of service through our secure portal.

We offer a safe user experience with our secure portal. Now you can connect, communicate, upload, view, share, and make payments without worrying about any data breach of your personal information.

  • Simple, secure, affordable 
  • Customer personalization
  • Timeliness
  • Convenience
  • Improved preventive care
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Efficient technology support
  • Integrated software platform

We can help you reduce health care costs by saving you time and money.  Get better access and insights to our doctors, labs, imaging and prescriptions by using our patient engagement portal.

What we offer

Affordable healthcare

Enjoy our affordable solutions to your changing healthcare needs with our reduced pricing for labs, imaging and medications

Online Doctor Consult

Make your doctor visits and consultations fast and easy with our user friendly  telemedicine portal at your convenient place and time.



Upgrade to a premium plan to add family members!

Our goal is to put your health in your hands. 

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    People Say

    Now you can fulfill your and your parents wishes through GoEmed
    Health Record Management

    Manage your health records safely and securely on our portal. You can now upload, view and share your medical records and health history at any time by becoming a member with us.

    Affordable labs, imaging and medicines

    Become a member to enjoy our low negotiated prices for lab testing, imaging and prescription medicines. You can save anywhere between 10-80% on your labs and medications.


    Members can leverage on the convenience provided on our secure portal by making appointments and payments online with your preferred doctor and save time and money.

    Insurance Needs

    Members can explore with us, the various care credit options and alternative insurance solutions available in the market to cater to your healthcare needs.

    Concierge Services

    Members can save time and money by sending a request to us for any of their healthcare needs from our secure portal. Our focus to to provide enhanced patient experience.

    Encompassing All Accessible Exclusive Health Portal

    We offer you a platform to shop and invest in affordable wellness.