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Physician’s order is required to process any lab tests, imaging or medicines request/orders. 
You can fax your request. 
No physician’s order? Try our telemedicine service.

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Send request

Register or Login to your account. Send your preferred labs/imaging request to us online. You or your physician's office can fax us your request.

We will do the work

We will email you with the best prices available and make your appointment. Go to the nearby service location emailed to you by us for testing.

Get results

No commute!No calls or faxes! Your test results will be uploaded to your account on our secure portal and to your ordering physician's office.

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We will compare prices, get you the lowest prices. 

What's in it for you

Save time and money

No more phone calls or hours on the internet trying to find the best prices. We do it for you. Save upto $500 dollars on a single wellness panel.

Save on high insurance

If you are among those people who won't spend enough to meet a high deductible -Save with  GoEmed on your lab tests, imaging, medications.

Benefit from HSA /FSA funds

Use your savings to start an HSA account and use HSA dollars towards your lab tests, imaging and medications. This is tax deductible.

No insurance! No problem

We don’t accept insurance to get you the best affordable prices. We also want to help people who have no insurance.

Personalized care

With your permission, we will check and compare your deductibles and other insurance costs with GoEmed and give you the best options.

Online consult requests

Your preferred physician as a member on GoEmed can easily access and send us your care request for labs imaging or medications directly from our telemedicine portal.

Request with physician's order

You can send in your request to us on our secure portal at your convenience. Just fax us your physician's order.

View and Share

View and share your lab results, Xrays, MRIs etc. with other physicians and your loved ones.

If you prefer to see your doctor on GoEmed, please request them to be a member with us.

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