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Our popular blood tests

GoEmed makes it fast and easy to order affordable blood tests online. Easy walk-in blood tests in a lab near you. No insurance needed, Up to 80% off traditional prices.  We have over 2000+ test choices with FDA-approved labs nationwide. Compare your insurance vs direct cash benefits before placing an order. Get a quote before placing the order for transparent pricing. 

Vitamin B12

As low as

Avg. Price Range

Vitamin D3

As low as

Avg. Price Range


As low as

Avg. Price Range


As low as

Avg. Price Range
$40 -$75


As low as

Avg. Price Range

Our popular bloodwork panels

Save up to $500 on a wellness panel! We have a wide range of panels with recommended tests for you to choose from. Your savings on just one wellness panel can get you a year of free GoEmed Premium membership!

Our popular imaging procedures

Save Up to 80% off of traditional prices on common radiology studies like MRI, CT scan, X-Rays, and more. We also offer specialized services like Nerve Conduction Study, Endoscopy, Sleep Studies and more, at affordable prices. Contact our concierge team for pricing and scheduling.

MRI w/o

As low as

Avg. Price Range


As low as

Avg. Price Range

w/o Contrast

As low as

Avg. Price Range


As low as

Avg. Price Range

Bone Density

As low as

Avg. Price Range

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If you are among those people who won't spend enough to meet a high deductible -Save with  GoEmed on your lab tests, imaging, medications.

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Use your savings to start an HSA account and use HSA dollars towards your lab tests, imaging and medications. This is tax deductible.

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We don’t accept insurance to get you the best affordable prices. We also want to help people who have no insurance.

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With your permission, we will check and compare your deductibles and other insurance costs with GoEmed and give you the best options.

Online consult requests

Your GoEmed telemedicine physician can easily access and send us your request directly from our secure portal.