Concierge Service

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Access affordable telehealth and take complete control over your healthcare needs in a matter of minutes. Let our concierge desk help you

Health record management

Quality support

We can help our members with the process of uploading and storing medical records on our secure portal, or we can even do it for you if you provide us the information at no extra cost. You have to give us permission by fax or email.

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Patient centric

We can help our members explore tailored and comprehensive insurance plans that deliver complete knowledge and support to help your health needs.

Online doctor

Care coordination

We can help our members schedule online doctor appointments, set reminders, collect health records and more to achieve their healthcare goals on our affordable telehealth portal.

Affordable telehealth

Enhanced patient experience

We can help our members to procure your information and upload it for you if you provide us the written permission. You just have to pay for the fees if there are any to procure that information.

Affordable telehealth

Community builder

Our main focus is to help our members with benefits of minimal wait times, reduced commute and low-cost prices on our affordable telemedicine platform.

Affordable telehealth

Ease of use

Concierge service is quick safe and easy with primary focus on personalized care to build a long lasting foundation of relationship and trust.

Encompassing All Accessible Exclusive Health Portal

We offer you a platform to shop and invest in affordable wellness.