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health information can save lives

Access to medical records from anywhere

How it works


Register. Upgrade membership plan. Upload lab reports, MRIs, CTs, and more.

View and Share

View and Share the uploaded records with your physician or loved ones for better informed care.


Delete the uploaded records from your account and any shared accounts after consults or when you no longer need it.

Upgrade your
membership plan
and enjoy
unlimited uploads
from anywhere.

We help you keep your
medical records at your fingertips

All in one place

Upload, View, and Share all medical records, lab reports , doctor notes, CTs and more 24/7 from anywhere.

Organize your records

Organize and save your uploaded medical records for easy access and improved efficiency.

Easy to control

Keep control of who you share your radiology studies with and on who can access it.

Delete anytime

Have control to delete any of your medical records from shared accounts or your own.

Access when you need

Manage any situation effectively to get the necessary care you deserve with easy access to records - 24/7.

Health history at a glance

Easy to track, manage and share health history data with your physicians.

Save time and money

Prevent duplication of services
with  access
at your fingertips. 

No more confusion

Reduce any confusion by sharing the latest health information at the point of care.

Convienient uploads

All your labwork and imaging reports are uploaded to your account with premium membership.

No time to Procure or Upload?


Just e-mail or fax the documents to us, and we can upload them for you.
You can also sign the legal disclaimer giving us permission and we can contact your providers and upload information. But if there is any cost involved by the third party, that will be your responsibility.

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