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How to use GoEmed platform

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Follow our easy write-up steps or watch our instructional video to help you navigate and use all our services efficiently.

How to Register as a Customer/Patient

All you need to know on how to sign up on GoEmed. No more waiting! Few simple steps!


Check out our membership page for more details on the upgrade plans we offer. 

How to Login to your account

Welcome to GoEmed! Now that you have created your account follow our easy steps to login and take advantage of our low prices, convenient Doctor Consults, Upload, View, Share and Order- All-In-One place. 

How to upload your Radiology Studies like MRI’s, CTs and more

Have all your imaging records at your fingertips. Know how to Upload, View and Share your radiology files with your physician and loved ones at any time. 

Please note you can upload only DICOM file types under this.

How to order blood work imaging and medications

Start saving today! Take advantage of our low prices on blood work, imaging and medications. You or your physician can place an order now in minutes. We will need a physician’s order to process any order.

How to Upload, View and Share lab works to your account

All your lab reports at your fingertips. You can now see what your physician sees from the comfort of your home. The reports are uploaded to your account. You can upload lab reports on your own and share them too. See how with our easy steps.

How to make an online appointment with our board certified physician

No more wait times for appointments! Convenience at your fingertips! Treat minor medical conditions from the comfort of your own home. 

 Make your appointment today!

How to add family members to your account

Extend and Share all the services and benefits with your family members too – “Sharing is Caring”

Start adding if your plan option includes family members.  Send out invites so that your invitees can register and create their own accounts when they receive the invite. 

How to add medical data to your Account page

Start saving all your medical information on GoEmed portal. All-In-One platform. Having the information at your fingertips can be critical in receiving the right treatment at the point of care.

How to Upgrade or Change your membership plan

Sign up for free. Try our limited services. Upgrade anytime to add members and enjoy the benefits from all our services. The plan charges will be changed and prorated accordingly.

How to cancel your account

We value your business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you change your mind. 

Please note that you won’t be able to reactivate this account after cancellation. Any associated profile(s), shared, services, studies, and everything uploaded will be permanently deleted.

Affordable healthcare

Enjoy our affordable solutions to your changing healthcare needs with our reduced pricing for labs, imaging and medications

Online Doctor Consult

Make your doctor visits and consultations fast and easy with our user friendly  telemedicine portal at your convenient place and time.


Upgrade to a premium plan to add family members!

Our goal is to put your health in your hands. 

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