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Wondering if your parent’s visitor insurance policy covers all their healthcare needs like blood tests, imaging, and doctor visits? Here’s what Santosh Khurjekar had to say about his experience and savings with GoEmed.

Get the right care at the right time and the right cost – Bringing affordable healthcare to all!

Do you spend a lot of time and money to plan your assets, financial stability, retirement, and more but don’t show the same interest in personal or family health care needs, health maintenance, periodic wellness checks, preventive tests, and/or measures? Check out this video to take advantage of the service that GoEmed has to offer its customers on creating a healthcare portfolio today! Stay healthy! Our goal is to keep your health in your hands!

Check out this video on some eye-opening statistics about Diabetes from Dr. Srinivasan Purighalla, CEO & Founder of GoEmed on World Diabetes Day 2021.


GoEmed CEO and Founder, Dr. Srinivasan Purighalla, talks about his mission to build healthier communities by making healthcare affordable and accessible with utmost convenience.

Check out our interview on Local 4 News WHBF on Apr 12th, 2021.
For many folks, the changing healthcare landscape can be a frustrating space to navigate. Rising premiums and deductibles, and ever decreasing coverage and benefits can make it feel like affordable, quality healthcare is out of reach. One platform is utilizing technology to offer a unique solution…

Our President and CEO, Dr. Srinivasan S. Purighalla sat down with Channel 4 in Moline, IL on March 4th, 2021, to share his Vision and Services (with no insurance) provided by GoEmed to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and convenient.
See how you and your business can benefit from our concierge healthcare platform.