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Get online doctor appointments with one of our board certified physicians at anytime from anywhere on our secure web portal 

Are you a physician looking to be a part of the changing healthcare landscape?

See a doctor online at the right time when you need care. No insurance needed.  No Copays, No deductibles. Share your radiology studies and lab reports while on call. Doctor can directly order labs, imaging, and prescriptions on our portal – all in one place.

Redefining patient experiences


Save time and money with Migraines - online doctors, lab testing, Upload
online doctors, lab testing, Upload
Save time and money with online doctors, lab testing, Upload
Family Medicine
podiatry online doctors

If you prefer to see your doctor on GoEmed, please request them to be a member with us. 

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How to make an online doctor appointment


Search for the provider by Country, State, City or Specialty. Review doctor profile


Make new appointment with the provider and time of your choice. Send request.


The provider confirms request and you get a link to connect. Join in to consult


How to register as a physician?

Register as a provider and submit your application. 

Our admin will process and validate all the credentials as submitted in the application and activate your account.

No charges or activation fee.

You can now login with your Username and Password.

Create your profile by adding all your credentials.

You are now visible for customers to browse  our panel of providers.

Receive requests and start your consults.

How it works as a provider

Recieve request

The provider will receive a text and an email notification with details, when a patient makes an appointment request. Click on the link and login to your account either on your mobile or on your laptop.


Accept appointment. Patient credit card is charged. Text and email messages are sent to both with a link to connect. You can also reject it if it clashes with your schedule.

Start consult

Click on the link received with provider confirmation. The provider as a host will start the meeting. You can make notes, send labs, imaging and medications orders on the patient from our portal.

Telemedicine for wellness and illness

  • Shaping the future of healthcare with innovative ways to deliver direct-to-consumer.
  • Our goal is to empower you with direct patient-engagement and personalization.
  • We provide a platform for collaboration and opportunities for growth.

A telemedicine physician's salary averages around $216,958 in the United States, according to ZipRecruiter.

Your value as a telemedicine provider increases proportionally to the number of licenses you have.

Most of the insurance plans now cover telemedicine malpractice insurance for providers.

What's in it for you as a provider

Flexible Schedules

You can choose your hours that works best with your schedule


You can provide for your patients from the comfort of your own office or home

Cost Cutting

No upfront costs and you can cut down on administrative overhead costs and paperwork 

Extended Reach

Reach and attract new customers through our secure portal

Freedom of Choice

You have the freedom to choose your fees and payment model

Fast and Easy Access

Access to low pricing on labs, imaging and medications directly on our portal

24/7 Access

You can access the shared  member patient files directly from our dashboard 24/7

Easy payments

You can now rely on our hassle free fast payments

Efficient Technology support

Improve your efficiency and scalability on our secure encrypted portal

Encompassing All Accessible Exclusive Health Portal

We offer you a platform to shop and invest in affordable wellness.