Check out our Testimonials / Reviews

Check out our Testimonials / Reviews

“The whole process of requesting lab work, providing the quote, scheduling the lab tests and the preferred location and uploading the results into the patients account on goEmed website were all seemless and professionally handled by the GoEmed team. I would recommend anyone to use this service which allows huge savings, when compared to non insured out of pocket payments or high deductible payment plans for the insured.”

Suraj, Clovis CA

"We are in the USA from three years, and always wished our parents could visit us. My mother had critical illness in the past and has to get some lab work done every month. We have spoken to many insurance companies but no insurance would pay for the lab work for existing illness. The lab work turned out to be very expensive so we almost gave up on my parents visiting the US until we came to know about GoEmed. Yes, we were surprised and relived when we came to know that we could get lab work done at a very affordable cost. We are more than happy that my parents visited us and stayed here for a period of six months. We could get all my mother's lab work done every month at a very affordable cost. There are many families like ours who wished their parents with some critical health issues could visit the US but couldn’t dare to as they could not afford the medical expenses. Now you can fulfill your and your parents wishes through GoEmed. I could also get a consultation as a second opinion with doctors here at an affordable price."
Venkat Kalli Akella
"Thank you Goemed. " With the price of everything going up it is refreshing to know that I can now get my lab work done at a fair and reasonable price. Since becoming a member I can now afford to get the tests done when needed. Thanks for helping me reduce my costs. I can't say enough about I pleased I am to be a member of Goemed. My out of pocket expenses for tests and lab work are significantly lower. Good to know they have my best interest in mind. I found a way to save a lot of money. Being a member of Goemed gives me lots of benefits. I get lab work and test done at significantly reduce prices. I get test done when needed without having to make a choice of meds or tests. Thanks for giving be a healthier life. Many places claim to be saving me money, but I have found the best deal available. Being a member of Goemed is a God send. I get to choose when and where to have my tests performed and at significant cost savings. This is a life changer for me. Thanks again.
Bill Davis
"I was having severe pain in my back. The doctor at the urgent care ordered a CT for me. When I checked around for the prices, it ranged anywhere from 1100-3350 dollars. But I was able to get it done for just 340 dollars when I went through GoEmed. Their service was excellent and professional and becoming a member was very easy. I could get back the report in just a few hours. I am so thankful that the whole process was so quick and easy and to top it all, I could save money. Thank You GoEmed!”
We had the most wonderful experience visiting a podiatrist for a procedure. The GoEmed team was quick at scheduling and the provider was so sweet and caring.
Stephanie W
GoEmed is a savior when I am in deep trouble with my daughter’s diagnosis to identify a small issue. With my current insurance, I might have ended up paying around 5k for couple of X-rays and an MRI. But GoEmed helped me to find affordable diagnostic centers around my place and I ended up paying $500. I sincerely appreciate GoEmed Team in helping people like me. This idea to help the needy is second to none and I deeply appreciate his efforts to serve the society.
I had a wonderful experience using GoEmed. I was in and out very quickly with my blood draw. I had no problem and no pain. The nurse there was very professional. My doctor had my results the next day!! I would recommend GoEmed to anyone!
LaTayna Morris
I have my in-laws visiting us here in the QC area ; We were seeking for medical assistance. I am glad we found GoEmed. Website is easy to navigate and GoEmed Team is always available for the patients. Amazing initiative !! Thank you GoEmed Team.
I would recommend GoEmed to anybody! It is so cost effective user friendly and also keeps track of all my past and present medical records.
I have a family membership for almost a year now. Website very easy and clear to navigate! excellent service ! Love that all my medical records can be accessed from anywhere . will recommend it without reservations for all. we have all used it very successfully over this past year
Manasi Nadkarni
I became a member a few months ago. I have nothing but great things to say about this company. I had lab work done in Florida. It was done at an independent lab. The whole process was seamless, and the cost was way lower than if I had it done at the clinic. Overall a great experience!!
Prasad Nadkarni
How would you rate your experience?: 5 - Highly Satisfied Comment/Testimonial: I have to give GoEmed 5 stars. The service was outstanding and very professional. The co-payments on the services is so low that it is easier than to deal with the insurance companies. I will recommend GoEmed highly to all those that have good insurance coverage and to the visitors whose insurance covers only emergencies. - They schedulers are on time to schedule for services - The payments are nominal and cannot be compared with other diagnostic services such as Quest, LabCorp
Radhika Pamula

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