GoEmed – Changing the healthcare landscape for veterans - A platform to put “Your health in your hands”

GoEmed – Changing the healthcare landscape for veterans - A platform to put “Your health in your hands”

The long-deprecated and most regularly overlooked part of the healthcare world are veterans. Despite having some of the most complex medical demands, including both personal and psychological matters, veterans often rely on government aid money and mandates that make it challenging for them to receive the care that they need.

Even though, The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), controls one of the largest healthcare systems, with 172 medical centres and more than 1,000 outpatient facilities, the demand for better and improved health care services keeps rising. This is because of the increase in demands of the aging veteran population.

The veteran care landscape is filled with choices, and so will be intimidating for consumers, providers, and advocates alike. With spiraling healthcare costs and lack of access to quality care because of insufficient documentation, inconsistent data and confusing policies and processes, there is no light system or health policy that is best for veterans today. The large backlog in veteran’s concerns recently highlighted in the press and in Congress reveals the excessive need for reduction, communication and efficiency in operations.

The DoD and the VA are dedicated to taking care of our country’s Service members and veterans. The Coordination between DoD and the VA departments is important to secure change to civil life. DOD is trying to address the issue of slow service-related welfare considerations in a more coherent and better documented fashion for future veterans.

After a detailed examination of this complex healthcare landscape, along with various needs, demands and issues of veterans, GoEmed bids to provide a platform to make options available to veterans, with some insight into how the different functionalities weave and work together to help them on their journey to quality healthcare. It’s time to take control of your health in your hands.

Bringing accessibility to healthcare

GoEmed is cloud based secure, one stop solution platform to all your healthcare needs. By delivering 24/7 seamless access and sharing of veteran’s health records at the point of care, it helps provide cognizant, data-driven and coordinated efficient care. Better insights into the prognostic algorithms further helps with preventive patient care.

Bringing affordability to healthcare

The VHA’s budget had to be more than doubled during FYs 2006 through 2017, from    $ 37.8 billion to 92.3 billion due to a huge increase in enrollment of veterans from 7.9 million to about 9 million. With GoEmed’s negotiated rock-bottom prices, one can easily access and save anywhere from 10-80% of the national average thereby offering value and help leverage overspending. 

Bringing healthcare and convenience to your doorstep

The bombardment of technological advancements has paved way to concepts like telemedicine where convenience is the key. With a population of veterans coming from rural areas and having no access to quality healthcare, GoEmed provides a platform for telemedicine to give the right care at the right time, at a right place. This enhances patient experience as they waste less time waiting for appointments, in the waiting room or in commute, saving them time and money.

Shifting the paradigm to drive the future of veteran healthcare landscape

GoEmed strives for greater global access to quality healthcare for our veterans and service members. This begins with giving greater attention to the demands of our dynamic work service members on the front end and ensuring that we offer healthcare benefits to veterans on the other end to recognize the sacrifice and service they have made. GoEmed platform’s mantra is to provide a sustainable system which is more affordable, accessible and convenient for veterans will be the driving force to break the geographical and archetype barriers to weave the fine fabric of quality healthcare. Join Us Today at www.goemed.com to step into the future of veteran healthcare landscape.